Article No. 06520 Grade For Bacteriology
Purity 60% CAS No. 8013-01-2
Molecular Formula Molecular Weight
H.S. Code 2102.1010 Shelf Life 2 Years
Water soluble fraction of yeast autolysate, Standard material for culture media-rich in B-Vitamins and growth factors.



00500 500 g Request for price
05000 5000 g Request for price
Revision Date : 13-Oct-2015


Appearance Light brown colored powder
Assay (ex N on dried substance) Min 60%
Phosphorus Max 2.5%
Coagulable protein Not detectable
Heavy metals (as Pb) Max 0.005%
Loss on drying Max 5%
Sulphated ash Max 15%
Suitability for microbiology Passes test
Heat resistant bacteria Not detectable